The Boy in the Cage: Blood Bath by Rinoa Cameron

The Boy in the Cage: Blood Bath by Rinoa Cameron is the kind of book you may find once or twice in a lifetime, usually in the dark recesses of the horror section of a local bookstore or perhaps by recommendation of a friend who shoves it in your hand while whispering fiercely, “you have to read this.” This is not your typical mainstream horror novel, it’s better.

The Boy in a Cage is a splatter-punk horror novel about Nate, a teenage boy kidnapped and taken captive by Victor, a serial killer that takes pleasure in torturing his victims until death claims them. We are introduced to Nate as he’s accidentally rescued from his torture chamber by Terrance and Terrance’s friend, Gabe, two dirty cops hired to clean up after Victor’s dirty deeds. As the story progresses, the reader is taken on a fast-paced ride of terror as Terrance and Nate are forced to face their inner demons while battling to survive and outwit the many monsters trying to kill them. During this chaos, both boy and man discover their true selves and begin to overcome their worst fears.

This book has succeeded where other horror novels have failed: it presents deep, emotionally engaging characters with compelling character arcs. These characters are complex human beings and the plot is well-drafted. While Cameron provides all the graphic shocks and horrors imaginable, everything has been carefully crafted to guide the reader through the story’s progression. Cameron’s storytelling is sharp. Every detail she includes is a small piece of the whole.

Cameron has a true talent at description and pulling the reader in, and I can tell she put a lot of love in this novel. It is both well-edited and polished. My biggest critique regarding the book is actually on its cover. This book has all the other elements down pat: good plot, good characters, and good writing – but the one thing it’s not quite hitting on target is the one thing that may affect sales the most: a good cover design (because unfortunately, books are judged by their covers). Something as simple as a different font selection for the title could possibly make a huge difference.

I highly recommend this book to anybody who loves horror. This book is truly terrifying and won’t leave you disappointed. It has it all!

You can purchase your copy of The Boy in the Cage Blood Bath by Rinoa Cameron by clicking here.

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