Synchronicity is a YA fantasy novel about a teenage girl named Lila whose life is overturned after she signs up for a school project with Wesley, the quiet, new kid in class. Within 24 hours, she discovers that her parents have been murdered, that she has telepathy, and that her life is in danger from a secret government organization. The reader follows Lila and Wesley as they go on the run, seeking sanctuary and a chance to start over. Along the way, they’re forced to face their inner demons and a well-rounded cast of adversaries, from brutish agents to pouty gold-diggers.

Synchronicity is written in the first-person point of view, which immediately pulls the reader into the minds of the story’s three primary characters: Lila, Wesley, and Sara. The author’s skillful ability to breathe life into each character is truly remarkable. She digs deep into her character’s backgrounds, feelings, and inner workings, leaving the reader in so strong of emotional entanglements they are left gripping the book with white knuckles, cheering the characters on.

One thing you’ll notice immediately, though, is that this book is not broken into traditional chapters. It’s broken into sections, with each section limited to a different character’s viewpoint. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this. On one hand, I love the unique approach to story-telling and the author’s fearless willingness to forge their own path. On the other, I enjoy using chapters as my stop-points – so this threw me off. This will be something each reader will have to decide for themselves whether they enjoy or not.

Overall, this novel was a breath of fresh air. It’s not everyday that you find a book that challenges conventions while maintaining high story-telling standards, but this book beats the odds. It’s written with the intention of delving deep into the character’s inner selves, and to that means the author was most successful. This book is highly recommended for anybody who loves YA fantasy.

You can purchase a copy of Synchronicity on Amazon by clicking here.

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