Wardenclyffe: An alternate history fantasy adventure (Short Reads Book 1) by Greg Cunningham

Wardenclyffe: An alternate history fantasy adventure (Short Reads Book 1) by Greg Cunningham is speculative fiction at its finest. Set in a world both recognizable and fantastical, Cunningham rewrites history through the eyes of Sir Swarley Paxmore, Captain of the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards. The reader rides along with the spirited Swarley as he sails across the Atlantic on the Titanic on orders to meet up with American President Theodore Roosevelt. However, along the way it becomes quickly apparent this is no ordinary voyage. A great evil has been unleashed on the land by famed inventor, Nikola Tesla, throwing Swarley and his men into a war of epic proportions.

This was a fun to read, fast-paced novella. Cunningham’s quick wit and unique voice tosses about his crude but always enjoyable humor, preventing any dull moments. This author is particularly skilled at creative similes and metaphors that dig at the funny bone, and Wardenclyffe doesn’t disappoint.

However, the beginning of this book does have a slower, less cinematic pace than the middle and end. It does take longer than desired to truly get “hooked.” Nevertheless, once hooked, I couldn’t put this novella down.

Overall, I highly recommend Wardenclyffe to anybody who enjoy fantasy adventures or speculative fiction. This is definitely a book worth reading. In fact, I also suggest following the author, Greg Cunningham, because this author is going places. Just remember, you heard it from me first. 😉

As always, happy reading!

❤ Jade

P.S. The humor in Wardenclyffe is for mature audiences only. I do not recommend this novel for younger readers.

To purchase your copy of Wardenclyffe: an alternate history fantasy adventure (Short Reads Book 1) please click here.

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