NYC Flash Fiction Challenge 2020!

I’m very excited to announce my participation in the 2020 NYC Flash Fiction Challenge! This is such a great challenge for writers of all skill levels.

Basically, each writer is given a setting, an item, and a genre, and then they have 48 hours to write their best flash fiction piece. The max word count is 1,000 words for each piece. After submission, each group of writers will be judged. The judges will score the individual writers within the groups between 1-15 points, based on how they performed. After the first two rounds, the top five writers of each group will move on to the third round. After the third round, only the top 3 writers of each group will advance to the fourth and final round.

Needless to say, there are some great prizes for the writers that win this competition. But even more valuable, each participant is rewarded pride and self-satisfaction just for participating.

So to keep you updated with each round, below I will link to each of my submissions during this competition. These are the stories exactly as I submitted them. Often I think of things I could’ve or should’ve done after the 48 hour deadline, but I have decided to leave all these pieces as-is. I also have added my ranking and the number of points I earned for each piece.

Hope you enjoy!

Round 1 – comedy, a car wash, an apple

Rank # 7 for a total of 9 Points

Breakdown at the Car Wash

Round 2 – drama, a gym, a fanny pack

A Day at the Gym

Rank # 9 for a total of 12 points. I did not make it to round 3, but I had a blast trying! Maybe next time!

For more info about the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction contest, click here.


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